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Pololu Tic 36v4

The Pololu Tic 36v4 is an all-inclusive, very inexpensive, and simple way to get started with using stepper motors on a rose engine. Whilst it can only work with one stepper motor, it is a great way to move from hand-cranking the spindle to having the spindle driven by a motor.

As noted elsewhere, a stepper motor provides a nice way to drive the spindle at very low speeds and not lose torque. The Pololu Tic 36v4 makes the controls on this stepper motor match those seen on a traditional, variable speed lathe:

  • Start/Stop
  • Spindle Speed
  • Spindle Direction

The implementation of this is quite simple, only requiring:

  • Pololu Tic 36v4 stepper motor controller
  • A way to control the speed. Usually a rotary encoder is used.
  • 24 VDC power supply

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The documentation for building such a system, along with the components required is on the MDF Rose Engine Library. The document is on the 2nd shelf, and it titled Control System for Spindle Stepper Motor.

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