Magnetic Switch


Magnetic Switch

One recent innovation of great use is the Magnetic Switch, and Jon Magill introduced the use of this for the Cross Slide when he demonstrated at the 2016 AAW conference in Atlanta.

Jon had mounted the cross slide onto a piece of MDF that is 3/4" thick, and put two mag switches into the board also: one on each side of the cross slide. This allowed for easy movement of the cross slide around on a sheet of steel (at least 16 gauge thick).

When the cross slide was in the general area where Jon needed it, he locked it in place with the mag switches, and worked away.

This is a really great innovation worth adapting if you pursue an MDF Rose Engine Lathe. An example of the mag switch in use is in the video below. It is for a different purpose, but useful to show how the mag switches work.

Using mag switches to hold a device down to a bed which is a flat plate opens up new thinking when using linear movement like provided by a Curvilinear Slide / Apparatus. The artist no longer must think in terms of axial movement (i.e., Z vs. X). Instead, the artist can think about the direction of movement and cutting, ignoring the whole concept of axes.

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