Illuminated Magnifier


Illuminated Magnifier

Enhancing our vision, especially for fine details such as those made on ornamental lathes, becomes quite useful. An Illuminated Magnifier is a very useful for that purpose. (An alternate is a set of MagEyes .)

I find it especially useful when verifying my sharpening activities.

A dust cover like the one shown in the picture to the right (flipped up) is useful in a woodworking shop.

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Published Articles

  • Amplitude Adjusters by Al Collins. Al explains the history of amplitude adjusters and how they work, then surveys the current crop of these very useful rose engine accessories.
    Ornamental Turners International Newsletter, Volume 27, No. 1 - May, 2020, pg. 16
  • Amplitude Adjuster for an MDF Rose Engine by Rich Colvin.
    Ornamental Turners International Newsletter, Volume 26, No. 2 - Winter, 2019, pg. 23


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