Charpignon/Armbruster Lathe


Charpignon/Armbruster Fixed Tool Rose Engine Lathe
Image courtesy Fred Armbruster

Fred Armbruster worked with the masterful turner, Jean-Claude Charpignon, to develop a machine especially for fixed tool turning. Fred had already established his engineering prowess with the Armbruster Mark I and Mark II Rose Engine Lathes (along with a number of other tools) so he is the perfect person to introduce a machine like this. And Jean-Claude is equally well known in the ornamental turning world for his fixed tool work

Very large fixed tool
cutter in use

Image courtesy Fred Armbruster

Like the Mark II, this machine is designed to be very functional. But unlike the Mark II, this machine is less of a fine piece of artwork itself. As can be seen in the picture to the left, it is built from the ground-up to make fixed tool work pieces.

Jean-Claude told me that he fells that the machine Fred created is better than his machine (which Jean-Claude has designated as "rose engine 4").

I understand that Fred made 11 of these, and we don't know if he will make any more.

I am looking forward to seeing the artwork that comes from this machine. One user of the new machines remarked that he loves the machine but now needs to learn how to make and sharpen such large cutters! (I recommend he travel to France and learn from Jean-Claude himself.)

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